Grain of Salt feat. Kiara Lanier and Adam Ness

from by Rico Sisney

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This track was written the night before/morning of final tracking for the album.


Take these words with a grain of salt
Take these words with a grain of salt
Take these words with a grain of salt
They're just words....
They're just words

VERSE 1: Rico
Waiting on the moral of my story
Good thing i wasn't going for the glory
Mostly get the guts.
But I love it when they go to throw they hands up
like it's fisticuffs or a quick stick up.
Helps my spirits lift up
But it's interrupted and ends abrupt
Caught between a rock and a hard place
No paper i figured i throw my scissors up
but i ain't surrendering or giving up
Hoping people will listen up.
I hear a lot of rumors and a lot of news make me laugh like
College Humor.
Watching TV and it seems strange how they view us
Or maybe they don't but it pays so they show it cuz it's basic
And say what you want but we probably do the same too
Money change you like Shang tsu-ung
But it's all cyclical
They’ll call you wise long as you cynical
And immature if you hope

“Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth
but that which is good to the use of edifying...”
We look for the truth but we forever lying
Here's the bad news: we may never find it
But still looking I'm still looking
Still looking I'm still looking
Still looking I'm still looking
Still looking in still looking

VERSE 2: Kiara
It all started the first day of school
Math teacher contradicted (what were) algorithmic rules,
Mr. Black said we couldn’t take nine from eight
but every year that passed- found out each rule was fake.
Or was it only partially true?
The truth told in entirety is detriment to you:
Money making medicine only if you're insured
Sell you a disease but an offense to have a cure.
Got you believing in men
tell you just enough so you can handle, it,
tighter grip, lacing lying lips, groping on your hips
till you find the second line on that urine strip.
What will you put your faith in then?
When the man who said he loves you only wanna be friends?
Confusion and guilt got you condemned to sin
but even when you're lost you’re never far from HIM
The truth of God’s love goes beyond any religion
The truth ain’t a debate it’s a decision


VERSE 3: Rico
Duffle bag full of luggage from the Sumner
Though there's nothing in the cupboards
There's more than a couple rubbers in the rubbish
Lovers wearing nothing under covers touching
Music bumping
She wonders why he looks troubled
Something's running through his young and hungry mind
Other than what's in front of his wandering eyes
Softly, she clutches him tight
Offbeat, but roughly in time
To Bilal's "Love it"
No hands
She holds on
Looks like she found something
She's soaked but he's so gone...

As if he's actually projected astrally
Thinks of his past and sees that setting disappear with record
fast speeds
Levitating as these walls melt
Almost meditating
All sense of self causes detonation
Contemplating why it's meaningless (and less and less and
As it requires more to be impressed (and pressed and pressed
and pressed)
Losing everything else (there's really nothing left)
Except what he needs to get off his chest


from Crying Wolves, released January 13, 2014
Kiara Lanier vocals and additional lyrics,
Adam Ness Vocals
Charlie Coffeen Synth Bass, Wurlitzer
Chresten Hyde additional drums, production
Rico Sisney additional drums, piano, written by



all rights reserved


Rico Sisney Chicago, Illinois

I am the emcee for Chicago bands Sidewalk Chalk and Treehouse and the founder of Chicago Artist collective The Gala. Artistically, those are my main pursuits so please follow and support them.
I rarely release anything solo and even when I do I enlist an "Army of Geniuses*" to help make it happen. I make music that I love. If you dig it, let's get down.
*Quote from Lawrence Binkey Tolefre
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