Luggage feat. Sam Trump

from by Rico Sisney

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An alternate version of this song will be featured on the Sidewalk Chalk Album leaves which drops on February 25th. This song is sort of a love song to Chicago.


Keep my bags packed
Cuz I don’t wanna be here too long...
And I’ll be right back
Don’t worry cuz I never get too far
From where you are

And I din set my sights way up (way up)
So there’s no need for you to wait up (wait up)

I need an Escape Hatch,
a getaway car or a train or plane to catch.
Staying at the same spot? I ain’t okay with that.
Back in the day my dad traveled for work
Maybe this came from that...
Home is where I lay my hat.
Gone is what I’m aiming at.
Forward motion when I lay on tracks - like locomotives.
My motive’s not to stay local too long or I’ll go loco.
I’ll settle with you, but don’t wait for that.
That information’s classified like a paper ad,
but you can take that to Lasalle Bank,
put it on Kaminski or Sears Tower --
Naw wait they’ve all been replaced.
Even the greats can get swallowed-- you don’t always have a
lot of grace, but when I’m gone I know you miss me cuz you
sorrow faced.
Then when i first get back, that’s when you’re at your
You make me for a moment feel like I’m the most important
and for me to adore you that’s all it takes.
I’m addicted to constant change but I’m happy I got a place.


I think artists dream the American Dream the hardest.
We’re convinced we’re gonna succeed regardless
Yeah, I can see the target. In fact its often all I see.
If the question is: “Will I stay Homer go off on my
Just pardon me.
I’m off again. “Ta ta!” How about a kiss?
(kiss noises)
No promises of when I’ll come again.
Not meant as ominous as it probably appears...
All of your fears not needed here I’ll be quick as Ramen is.
You’re smiling cuz you know you make the best food.
Who else got that mild sauce except you?
I catch myself in a bad mood, then here you come with a
burrito or a deep dish to the rescue!
Bless you!
When I’m looking for a refuge,
I know that home is the best move.
With you I need no excuse to go’on head and let loose
Set roof on fire let’s juke get higher

And I din set my sights way up way up
So there’s no need for you to wait up wait up
I’m focused don’t know how to lay up lay up
Hey love, ain’t it always fun to make up make up?

Dont be mad at me,
Dont be mad at me cuz
It's my nature, it’s my nature
I was made this way
(or raised this way it's hard to say)
but It's my nature it's my nature
I gotta keep moving on
It's my nature, it's my nature
You should know by now that i have
(It's my nature it's my nature)
Have some limitations
about how long i can stay in one place when
It's my nature it's my nature

So I keep my bags packed
Cuz I don’t want to be here too long...


from Crying Wolves, track released December 30, 2013



all rights reserved


Rico Sisney Chicago, Illinois

I am the emcee for Chicago bands Sidewalk Chalk and Treehouse and the founder of Chicago Artist collective The Gala. Artistically, those are my main pursuits so please follow and support them.
I rarely release anything solo and even when I do I enlist an "Army of Geniuses*" to help make it happen. I make music that I love. If you dig it, let's get down.
*Quote from Lawrence Binkey Tolefre
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