The Potluck

from by Rico Sisney

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And this so easy...
So why they gotta make it look hard huh?
Connected to the Source I stay charged up!
Me and my whole crew brought it it's a Potluck
Yeah and this so easy..
So why they gotta make it look hard?
Connected to the Source so I always stay charged
All praise be to God so save your applause.

All of these Impostors posturing is preposterous
possibly posh,
but I'm pushing ‘pause’ cuz I'm past the bar,
Matter of fact, the bar for spitting bars is
barely up to my abdomen.
If you ain't in the throne where Big Lsat,
your freestyle isn't classic then.
If you ain't touch Eminem domain, don't pretend you
have it then.
I’m still a student of Kweli, Bey, Doom, Black Thought,
Outkast, Rakim,
Lauryn, Lupe, Nas and Wu Tang.
I apprentice after them.
I'm Hercules so those 12 are my dodecathlon.
My movements (known as Shaolin)
force you to throw the towel in
the pool and hit the showers kid. You're too little for our end.
You see, these barracudas out here prow-a-lin
probably confuse you with some food that's for devouring!

I really rarely battle though
First we mosh then we march on the Capital.
Things are Goin’ South the way that moss never has to grow,
but I'm no Moss. Never run. Someone has to throw.
And for me its effortless dude--
Not daunting. Like Daunte I’m peppered with cool.
Don't be salty it'll mess with your wounds
Want it the hard way or a soft lob?
We dropped bombs but talked long BobLoblaw...


And If I am anything other than lost,
it's cuz of the breadcrumbs
that some of them tossed in my path.
Got perspective that they did not have
so I'm coming across as less dumb.
It's cuz of your less-ons
And this is dedicated to you:
My village, my Chiefs, my Nurses, my Queens.
Yeah, this is what has taken me through
They said, "Rico we waiting on you."
If I make it they coming too!

I arrive baby-stepping one at a time.
I looked back, saw footprints none of them mine...
I wondered what the meaning is
Even as I struggled through these troubles of mine
Foothills I climbed in heat feverish.
Blinded, feet blistering,
I would keep listening to voices I believed were mine
It turns out the words formed in your mouths.
Sweat poured out.
When the sun burned on your brow,
I'd feel the drip.
I was named for Wolf.
I was named for Dick.
They used to call me Baby Wolf.
I'm an 80's kid.
Moved out the 100's back in the 90's.
Raised in Atlanta but that don't define me--
Well at least not entirely
‘Cuz there's the A-Side and the Chi-Side.
Got a coat of many Colors- it ain't tie-dyed
and I could change based on your perspective:
“Condo or a project?”
“Just call that man a High-rise!”
and I rise on the backs of my tribe.
The people that Bobby, Wolf, Marilyn, James, Eon
and Rere are survived By.
Richard Part I: that legacy continues with my son when I die.
I know the mission won't be finished when I'm done.
It didn't begin in my infancy cuz I'm one of many.
And what's yet to come? Plenty.
Talent in my circle, in my family, in my city.
So if my Uncle only scared of dead people,
and my Daddy told me:
“You should be careful of scared people”
and I serve a king that's never shared an equal,
then why should I fear evil?
Squad of rare people haystack full of needles!



from Crying Wolves, released January 13, 2014
Drums by Tyler Berg
Horns by HornBread
Violin by Amanda Bailey



all rights reserved


Rico Sisney Chicago, Illinois

I am the emcee for Chicago bands Sidewalk Chalk and Treehouse and the founder of Chicago Artist collective The Gala. Artistically, those are my main pursuits so please follow and support them.
I rarely release anything solo and even when I do I enlist an "Army of Geniuses*" to help make it happen. I make music that I love. If you dig it, let's get down.
*Quote from Lawrence Binkey Tolefre
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